Whatsapp vs Hike – Is Hike Messenger Better than Whatsapp?

hatsapp vs hike messenger betterA few years ago, SMS messages were very popular. But then came the era of smartphones and traditional SMS texts were replaced by (almost) free online messengers. Whatsapp messenger emerged as a global leader in this field and stood at the top position without any competition until the last one or two years when a large user base adapted to, if not shifted completely, to the various alternative messengers like the Japanese LINE, Chinese WeChat, Viber, Skype etc. While facing stiff competition from these messengers, the desi Hike messenger has really taken Whatsapp by storm, at least in India. This has started the battle – Whatsapp vs Hike

Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Hike messenger is better than vs whatsapp messenger

Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger

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Whatsapp vs Hike | Reasons to stay on Whatsapp

I personally still prefer Whatsapp over Hike (or any other messenger app for that matter) for the following reasons:

  • Whatsapp has been around for a long time
  • Almost everyone with a smartphone uses Whatsapp. You are more likely to find your friends on Whatsapp than any other messenger app.
  • Its Add free (most messengers are),

But that’s just one side to it, Here is a list of some really good reasons why Hike Messenger is better than Whatsapp

Whatsapp vs Hike| Reasons to go Hike !!!

1. Allowable Media Size and Media Quality

Hike allows a maximum of 100MB of size per file against a mere 16MB on Whatsapp. However, it may be agreed that 16MB is more than enough for images and audio files, but the video files are easily greater than 16MB creating a problem for the users.

Also, Whatsapp has the option of trimming and compressing the videos which degrade the original quality. Also, quality of the transferred images is altered too.

2. Document Support

Whatsapp does not support document formats.

Hike supports document formats like .ppt, .docx, .pdf etc. One advantage that users have here is that they can transfer document files of upto 100MB while most email clients only provide with 25MB limit

3. Referral Rewards

Hike made its user base of 20 million by luring users into downloading the app and rewarding them with talktime recharges. Hike pays Rs. 20 for each successful referral and Rs. 15 to the new user who signs up. The user can redeem the money as a talktime for his phone after the minimum earning of Rs. 50. If you are on postpaid plan then after the hike reward redemption, your next bill amount will get reduced by the amount you redeemed.

4. Custom Chat Themes for Conversations

Whatsapp allows you to change the background wallpaper, but Hike offers even more. Hike lets you have customised themes for each conversation that is visible to both the end users.

5. Stickers and Emoticons

While Whatsapp started the emoticon revolution using the Emoji icons, it has remained the more or less the same for years now.

Though not an original idea, Hike supports many exciting stickers that just add the spice to the conversations 😛 These stickers are regularly updated every 2-3 months

6.Free Messages to Non-Hike Users

Even if your friends are not on Hike, you can send them free SMS messages using Hike. Each Hike user is given 100 free SMS each month. Hike also gives 50 bonus SMS for every successful invitation along with Rs.20. These SMS messages can be sent only in India.

7. FREE  Lifetime  validity

Hike is an ad-free messenger which does not charge anything for its services ever.

Whatsapp is free for the first year, then its 0.99$ or Rs 55 a year

8.Better Privacy

Whatsapp fetches all contacts from the phonebook and matches them with the Whatsapp users and then automatically add all the contacts to the Whatsapp contact list.

Hike users have to send and accept friend requests to ensure privacyEach Hike user can choose to show or hide his last seen to his friend.

Update: Now, Whatsapp also lets you hide ‘last seen’.

9.Hike is more secure to Eavesdropping

Whatsapp messages are saved on the SD card of the device. These chat logs are encrypted, but extracting conversations from them is easy. In fact, the internet is loaded with tutorials for the same 😛

Hike messenger has an option of 128 bit SSL encryption inside settings->privacy. This means chats are safe with Hike even on a public Wi-Fi. Encryption inside settings->privacy.


Whatsapp vs Hike |Downloads

Download Whatsapp from here

Download Hike from here


Whatsapp vs Hike | The Winner

While Hike messenger has evolved into a serious and meaningful alternative to Whatsapp in India, there is no clear winner as Hike with all its advanced and exciting features is mostly restricted to India unlike Whatsapp which is the undisputed global leader of instant messengers.


So which one do you prefer in the battle Hike vs Whatsapp! Tell us in the comments section below

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54 Responses

  1. Abhishek says:

    hike is made for like (;

  2. Ankur says:

    WhatsApp is the best

  3. somu says:

    Hike is excellent..

  4. dhakshinamurthy says:

    hike is superb

  5. Belatrix Lestrange says:

    WHATSAPP is the best!! Hike can never win over whatsapp!! HIKE-STUPID, IDIOT. I’m saying this becuz I have tried both(Hike & Whatsapp) Whtsapp is more preferable…

  6. Anant Desai says:

    Public is now diverting ti hike instead of watsapp
    It will beat watsapp in india after few days for sure
    I use bith in daily basis
    And i started liking hike more.

  7. SU says:

    WhatsApp is still the best

  8. Prateek Upadhyay says:

    Hike is Indian Made Apps. That’s why U Hike i Like urs features & so more as compared to Whatsapp. My choice is Hike and i also invited and suggests to my friends for use Hike.

  9. MPRK says:

    I prefer Made in India.

  10. MPRK says:

    I Prefer made in India. HIKE

  11. JJ says:

    Hike for sure

  12. arun says:

    hike the best of all

  13. shweta says:

    hike is good
    but most of using whats app

  14. vivek says:

    Its hike.. Which i like.
    it will beat WhatsApp for sure in near future

  15. Mohammad Asif says:

    I prefer HIKE……. As its an INDIAN and has come up with a good features that of Whatsapp…….. and in hike we can send offline message tooooooooo……………………

  16. prashant says:

    hike is best coz it has better features than what’s up
    just coz what’s up came early and had more user that doesn’t mean hike can’t beat what’s up in his own game

  17. Socq says:

    I preffer HIKE, but uploading is slow on hike in comparison to whatsapp….

    • Whatsapp compresses the file which results in loss of quality. Where as Hike doesn’t compress.. Hence it has more file size and results in slower upload and download times.

  18. ankit says:

    Hike is as good as WhatsApp ,if not better.
    But being a proud Indian I have shifted to Hike and am encouraging ppl to do so.
    The Indian app is the way to go.

  19. Anuj says:

    Hike has two stellar features:
    1) hiding conversations in the app itself
    2) you can nudge just like buzz in yahoo messenger by double tapping the messages.

  20. sachin says:

    Hike is good so maney future there
    Hide privet massage I like this

  21. govind says:

    hike is the best

  22. Unnikrishnan SP says:

    being an INDIAN i support Hike…

  23. Ankur Pandey says:

    hike wins…

  24. hike is far much better than whatsapp… Go Hike..!! 🙂

  25. Ujjawal Choubey says:

    You are not correct. Would you like to give 1162 crore rupees yearly to America second you can increase on hike it gives huge huge much much more saale inia zindaabad hike bhi utpatang mat likh pasand ko nahi badalsakta par ek baar nazariye ko to badal

  26. ABHIJIT says:

    Now as I updated my Hike messenger, to latest version (not actually version , but some modifications) day before yesterday, I find Hike more easy to use than Whatsapp. Though , I use both messengers , I prefer Hike.I can upload videos, mp3,mp4 or any other document easily on Hike.But as most of peoples are on Whatsapp, I have to use it.

  27. Use hike
    Its made in india

  28. i prefer hike which is made in india. i think one day hike will beat whatsapp surely

  29. Hackdude says:

    Whatsup has PFS enabled latest in end to end encryption.

  30. Hike is best use this our country will earn and develop in this field… Hike updates are seriously improving day by day WhatsApp is old but not gold.

  31. Alok says:

    Hike is superb!it has so many features.it is surely better than whatsapp.

  32. Jai says:

    Hike with no second thought although i use both.

  33. Dilip says:

    Within India, Hike beats WhatsApp hands down! At first, I too thought that it’s just one of those many idiotic and irritating messengers, but now that I’ve started using it, I know better than that.

  34. Haritha says:

    For my point of view, U&Me Messenger is the best mobile chat app compare to whatsapp and hike. U&Me have features like rewards, mywall, integrations with dropbox, one drive, google drive etc for file sharing.

  35. shashwat harsh says:

    i feel that hike is good comparatively but still whats app is the best. i feel that if hike could be able to grow its market over other countries like usa and uk then their is a chance that it defeats whats app and become the best app in the world. (may be)

  36. satya chandu says:

    WhatsApp is the best

  37. Singh says:


  38. Rohit says:

    Whatsapp is free for lifetime for Indian users so stop complaining about the fees.WhatsApp is the best ,its the only reason why instant messengers came into existence.

  39. kabadiarun says:

    Hike is best guys since it is more customisable and stcjers are toooo lovely…. The simple way y everyone prefer what’s up is it came first and it is in more use … It is like though windows 8 and 7 had cme many are still using the xp..since it was used by more and they Dnt want to change….

  40. Neeraz Kumar says:

    Hike is the best
    I support made in india
    Because i support make in india

    In case of features hike is really best

  41. shahbaz Khan says:

    I used both whats app and hike but hike is better then whats app interms of featurrs and privacy but most of friends mine on whats app thats why I used both but I am indian and love to used indian product.

  42. Tadmas says:

    I prefer Hike.
    Its simply amazing with its tagline “Made with luv in India”. Also with Hike rolling out VOIP services after the aquisition of Zip Phone, things are going to be even better.

  43. Ashwin says:

    Hike is Good Better Best Excellent. Features are Very Good than Whatsapp. Requesting All of you to Delete Whatsapp & use Hike… Be Indian – Buy India.

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