Top 10 Launchers for Android in Q4 2013 – 2014

Every Android home screen looks the same, be it a 5k phone or a 40k phone. What truly defines the home screen of an Android device is the launcher app and the amount of customization it allows. Its a silent wish of every smartphone user to spice up the home screen so that it makes the phone look more appealing to the eye.

Many of the users don\’t like the built-in home screen i.e. Motoblur, Sense, TouchWiz and Stock Android. Thanks to the Play store for making the users available with various pleasing launchers to add the oomph it needs. No doubt, Google Play Store is beautifully decorated with zillions of apps and is considered as a strong competitor of Apple iTunes. Well, Let\’s get to the list of Top 10 Launchers for Android.


Top 10 Launchers for Android 2013

We went through the Google Play store with an aim to create a list of top 10 launchers of this year that will definitely spruce up your Smartphone just with few clicks.

1. 91 launcher:

91 launcher secures the first position in the top 10 list because of its easy interface and fun icons. It offers mesmerizing widgets, themes and wallpapers. Don\’t be fooled by its simplicity because it has many customization and theme options. If you have an urge for some great launchers without any bells and whistles, then it is the worth launching 91 launcher.

91 Launcher- Top 10 Launchers for Android

Download 91 Launcher

2. Nova Launcher Prime:

It is among the most well—received and dependable launchers. It offers myriad of themes, features and customization. If you are looking for an eye candy launcher it is the best option for you. In this launcher you can create widget collages and it runs smoothly without any grudges.

Nova Launcher Prime- Top 10 Launchers for Android

Download Nova Launcher Prime

3. Buzz launcher:

It grabs the top position because of its Homepack buzz. Its Homepack Buzz offers one click customization to the user. It has a multi-wallpapers screen option and gives an easy access to the recent apps and veil the unwanted apps. It also gives separate notification for SMS, missed calls and Gmail. In short, it is considered as a complete package for everyone.

buzz-launcher- Top 10 Launchers for Android

Download Buzz Launcher

4. ADW. Launcher:

ADW is another popular launcher for Android users. The latest updates make it completely irresistible for the users. One can customize it according to his/her requirements. It also supports relative themes, docks, icons, page indicators and folders which can be customised.

ADW Launcher- Top 10 Launchers for Android

Download ADW. Launcher

5. Apex Launcher:

This launcher has rung the bell for a couple of weeks and has already gained immense popularity. You can personalize it without any limitations and can play with your home screen, drawer, icon packs, themes and transition effects.

Apex launcher

Download Apex Launcher

6. Launcher 8:

It is designed for the Windows 8 lovers, even if you are not one, wait a second. It enables the user to resize the home screen titles. It gives a completely new Windows 8 like look to your Smartphone with its WP8 styled status bar and lock screen. You can craft Android widgets and app shortcuts along with mesmerizing themes to select from.

Windows-8-Launcher-for android

Download Launcher 8

7. Holo launcher HD:

This launcher brings Ice cream and Jellybean styled home screen to your Android phone. It offers customizable shortcuts for folder icons, apps and label colors. It also offers gesture support to access apps quickly and has a scroll-able dock.


Download Holo launcher HD

8. Dodol launcher:

Redecorate your Android Smartphone with this thrilling launcher. It gives a unique experience as compared to the other launchers and allows the user to modify the keyboard themes, fonts and ringtones. Moreover, user can even enjoy features like widget theme alteration and screen rotation etc.

dodol-launcher for android

Download Dodol launcher

9. Go Launcher EX:

It is the most launched and highly popular launcher for Android Smartphones. It enables the user to add color to their Smartphone’s desktop with a plethora of themes and wallpapers. It is famous because of its user-friendly and easy interface.


Download Go Launcher EX

10. Next Launcher:

It is relatively new in the launcher market and is overloaded with splendid 3D effects and dynamic elements. Its operation is very simple and fantastic, you can enjoy 3D fancy visuals, humanized gestures, clean transition effects, themes and much more. You can customize the screen layout, icons, widgets and folders.

next-launcher android

Download Next Launcher

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