Share your PC’s internet wirelessly WITHOUT ROUTER!!



We all know about hot-spot functionality in android phones. But what about our PC?


When it comes to our PC we have no other option
than to share the internet connection available to us by LAN cable using a router.

Today i’m gonna tell you how to share your PCs internet connection.



  1. PC/laptop with wifi (windows xp/vista/7/8)
  2. Working internet connection
  3. Connectify Software. Get it here!
  4. Brain 😛


Download and install Connectify from the official website (or search for a pirated version :P).


After it has been successfully installed, run the software. Enter the SSID name of your hotspot under hot-spot name and set the password(if needed)


Select the active internet connection which is to be shared


Under Advanced Settings, select Share Over Wi-Fi (or your lan driver if you want to share the internet connection via lan cable) and select the sharing mode


Click on start hotspot below.


That\’s it you are done!! Wasn\’t that easy ;-). You can now connect any wifi supporting device to your PC/laptop as if it was connecting to a router!

You can also restrict access to internet to particular clients.



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