Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack – Unlimited free in app purchase

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gemsWant to know the Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack for unlimited free in app purchases for unlimited coins and gems? Read on!

Ever since its Android release, Shadow fight 2 has been a hit in the one-on-one fighting genre.While praised for its intensity and graphics and a stupendous soundtrack(…no really!!), the game has been criticised for its difficulty (mission impossible – literally). It’s next to impossible to complete the game without spending (rather shedding) tons of money to buy the virtual currencies – the coins and gems. And oh! there is a limit on the number of matches you can play as you require ‘energy’ for that – which fills up at the rate of  10 minutes/bar!

So there you have it! The reasons for you to use the Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack and get Unlimited Free coins and gems.

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems - 3

Shadow Fight 2 Gameplay


Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack | Pre-requisites

A rooted android phone. If you don’t know what rooting is, refer to this post right here.

In order to use this Shadow Fight 2 Hack, you must have a rooted android phone

Note : The following procedures can be used for hacking (almost) any game or app that supports the option of in-app purchases for android apps only.

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack | Method 1 – Using Freedom App for unlimited coins and gems

This is the simplest way to hack Shadow Fight 2. Freedom app comes with an in-built ‘free card’ that makes it possible to make in-app purchases for free. Just follow these simple steps and you’d have hacked Shadow Fight 2 for unlimited coins in no time.

1. Download and install the Freedom app. Click Here to download Freedom apk v 1.0.6

2. Open the App; if prompted for a super user access, grant it.

3. Be patient; You’ll see a list of apps that have in-app purchases – Tap on Shadow Fight 2.

4. The game will take some time to load up, wait for it.

5. Once the game loads, go to the store to buy gems, coins or energy.

6. Pay with the ‘Free Card xxx’ and you’ll complete the transaction without paying anything!!

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats and Hack | Method 2 – Using Lucky Patcher for unlimited coins and gems

Lucky Patcher is known for being one of the best Android hacking Tools. Of the many features it has, Lucky Patcher has the ability to make free in-app purchases. This can be used for Shadow Fight 2 Hack for getting free unlimited coins and gems.

1. Download and install Lucky Patcher. Click Here to download Lucky Patcher

2. Open the App; if prompted for a super user access, grant it.

2(a). Update the App if prompted – it might allow you to hack more games using the same procedure.

3. Wait for all the apps to appear in the list; then select Shadow Fight 2

4. Open menu of Patches > Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation > Apply

5. Wait for the Lucky Patcher app to perform automated hacking for in app purchases

6. Now open Shadow Fight 2 and perform any Purchase for free (rest is similar to method 1).

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems  Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems  Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems  Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems

Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Hacks unlimited coins gems


Hope you found this guide to hack Shadow Fight 2 for unlimited coins and gems useful. If it didn’t work for you, don’t worry, there are still other ways to go about it. Just leave a comment below.

Would you like to know hacks about any other game? Tell us in the comments section below! :P

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72 Responses

  1. ganesh says:

    thanks what;s supersu

  2. Shahmyster says:

    Man, I had lucky patcher and I think the game updated. Ever since then, lucky patcher won’t work anymore on a non rooted Samsung note edge (I think it’s the n915, if it matters). Would anyone give me suggestions on what to do to fix it?

  3. Does it also work for online games like hay day.. because lucky patcher was unable to patch hay day.

  4. Anil Rout says:

    ohooooo realy

  5. harsha says:

    Its not working in moto g2 is there any possibilities to use lucky n freedom without root?

  6. devendra kumar says:

    Lucky patcher is not working please tell any other method to hack games

  7. aanand says:

    I installed lucky pitcher I have non rooted mobile the in app hack works in vector and burning rubber crash and dash update not working in SHADOW FIGHT 2

  8. jack belek says:

    its not working your fukin assholes i try same steps i wanna hack shadow fight 2 so bad comn i need help

  9. halp meee says:

    When i use freedom on bluestacks it says needs write permission on system partition.

  10. Parangat says:

    thnx man gr8 wrk…it works…. 🙂

  11. sri says:

    is this need net

  12. Anjana Bhandari says:

    I need Free gem on shadow fight 2

  13. how about clash of clans?

  14. max says:

    Is it safe to download from here ???

  15. HONEY SINGH says:

    are you sure that lucky patcher will work cause i tried another option but it didn’t work

  16. Dev says:

    its not working for me
    what to do?
    My phone is not rooted

  17. 4. Open menu of Patches > Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation > Apply
    This step is not showing in lucky patcher.
    I have a non rooted phone. Please advice a work around

  18. akmal says:

    Why in me is Support Apk ???? REPLY this PLZ

  19. sumit says:

    wht the fuck shld i do do to get those free gems and coins….

  20. Please, can you help to heck clash of clans?

  21. Rik says:

    I don’t have a rooted phone…please show me something else… 🙂

  22. devesh says:

    hey dude both freedom and lucky patcher seems to be unlucky and fail to chet shadow fight 2 i yureka.. please suggest something

  23. baluran and me says:

    awesome!working using LP

  24. avenger says:

    you need a rooted phone inorder to use lucky patcher

  25. You are awesome, you are fantastic i just done same as the lucky patcher steps and then it shows 0.00 dollar in every item, wow wow ow ow ow owoowwowo

  26. Charles says:

    In the Shadow Fight 2, when I try to buy the gems or coins, it says there is a problem in the verifying my purchase. Why? But it works our in some other games. Then I also want to know if it can be used in the game: Top Eleven Manager? Please help me out

  27. Tareq says:

    i ‘ve my TABLET ROOTED & FREEDOM DOWNLOADED … so i can just go to the store & buy gems …. ? if it fails i’m damn screwed….
    suggestions Please

  28. Cedrick Camerino says:

    What IS The Vertion Of Lucky Patcher

  29. Mayuresh says:

    I Have a Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 . its rooted but still when i patched shadow fight 2 and then when purchase the coins its just hang the phone and then after the msg dialog box comes that “shadow fight 2” is not responding and then i have to close it . And when i open freedon it comes that its not supported for your device . HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  30. Jayant Mishra says:

    it says…”there was a problem verifying your purchase. please contact the support” . tried both freedom n lucky patcher…still doesnt work. i have rooted phone

  31. Mohit Agarwal says:

    No longer working for latest version of shadow fight 2. It had also corrupted my play store

  32. irfan says:

    Lucky patcher is not working.. Patch pattern is failed in N3 and N4.
    Plz help me..

  33. Özil says:

    Which version of Lucky Patcher and Shadow Fight 2 are you using? I tried with latest versions of Lucky Patcher and Shadow Fight 2 but couldn’t crack it. Also latest version of Freedom doesn’t work

  34. geeth says:

    I think this both are not working, when i using a lucky patacher i got a msg ‘i cannot phachased &plz contact the help center’ and when i using a freedom its no any payment method

  35. ujwal Tiwari says:

    It’s telling that root axis in required

  36. annamalai says:

    I rooted my phone and did all the ways but I can’t able to hack the game help me 🙁

  37. John says:

    It’s not working………..i’ve done everthing told but nothing Happens….

  38. 123456789 says:


  39. Ahmad Naqeeb says:

    Can you help me to hack shadow fight 2 ? Or can any one share me 50000 gems for shadow fight 2. Please…..

  40. cgarcubatl says:

    tried to use lucky patcher andpatch pattern N1 and N2 were successful and N3 and N4 failed said i have 28% luck. gonna reinstall and see if that helps…any other ideas?

  41. shins says:

    there was a problem verifying your purchase -_-

  42. Enish says:

    My phone is rooted and also everything is now $0.0.But when i try to buy it says error in purchase please contact support…..Please help me with it

  43. mamat says:

    doesnt work anymore, fuck

  44. Jay Decoster says:

    not working the freedom app used to work for me but now neither freedom nor lucky patcher is working.. it says your purchase couldn’t be verified

  45. Mocanu Ruxandra says:

    E praf mie nu îmi merge sunt falsuri trezitiva la realitate!!!!!!

  46. 123450 says:

    It says write permissions on system partition are required in order to use freedom. Please help me/

  47. shilualam says:

    hello admin… Lucky patcher is not working on my phone . rooted mmx yureka… After granting root access, it automatically closes…any solution?

  48. Pacther says:

    Not Work for me…
    With the latest version of Shadow Fight, I found an option called “restory” for to restore the purchase.. is the error because of this?
    The Lucky Patcher says that 2 methods failed…

  49. AwLrX says:

    I have a samsung s2 plus and I tryed with patcher and freedom and is still dont working. HELP PLS!!!!

  50. Prasanta Maji says:

    Both are not working

  51. gggujg says:

    You have roooot

  52. Javohir says:

    hey my phone galaxy s3 is rooted. I can’t get gems. I did as you at first. End price of gems was 0.0$. but i couldn’t take them. When I tapped on them, sentences were displayed like this “PLEASE RESTORE THE PAID CONTENT LATER. RESTORE BUTTON IS AVAILABLE IN…..” Please help me. What I do

  53. Javohir says:

    But it is working on other games

  54. ABIJITH says:

    Its not working for shadow fight 2, ???

  55. rohit singh says:

    It does not showed support apk option ,what to do

  56. aris says:

    I have used it, but When i purchased the items it wont work out and mention error there was a problem vertyfing your purchase. Etc

  57. Keyang says:

    After patching game is not working how to remove the patch. Please help

  58. Nagesh says:

    I completed the patch process but I didn’t get any free coins.

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