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Back in the days of Nokia, PC suite was an essential software bundled with your phone. But since the reign of android began, pc suite for android has been a term still not that popular. The main reason behind this being that neither phone manufactures, nor google has developed a standard android pc suite. While there is Kies for samsung, it lacks the functions of a good PC suite software. While prime focus of Kies remains Firware Updates for Samsung devices only,

Samsung Kies may be used for:

  • Data backup.
  • Data transfer (between a Windows or Mac PC, and a Samsung mobile device), limited to certain media file formats.
  • Multimedia (audio, photos, video, etc.) management, but limited to certain file formats; for example, Kies does not recognise .avi files.
  • Purchase/acquisition of additional or special device features.
  • Device firmware and operating system (OS version) upgrades.

But these features are not enough for Samsung Kies to be worthy of the title of a good PC suite for android. While there have been some attempts in the form of MobileGo and MobileTrans, they are paid softwares which aren’t even that good.

MOBILedit! on the other hand, is a very powerful software, paid again, used by even the federal agencies as they claim!

However in this article we’ll mainly focus on the free PC suite for android softwares:


1. MOBOROBO: PC Suite for Android and iOS

Best PC Suite for Android


Personal favourite when it comes to PC suite for android, MoboRobo has been a key player for quite some time. Earlier available as the 91 PC suite, MoboRobo with support for even iPhone comes with the following features:

  • Transfer Contacts Between Android & iPhone

    MoboRobo is one of the first cross platform softwares that supports transfer of contacts of both the Android and iOS devices, as well as the cross platform transfer between Android and iOS devices. Making switching/upgrading to a new phone much easier. This makes it a good PC suite for android.

  • Download App, Wallpaper & Ringtone through PC to Android

    Want to download something new to your device while you managing your device? MoboRobo comes with a built in resource download center that allows you to hunt for application, game, wallpaper and ringtone to download to your phone through PC network.This makes it a good PC suite for android.

  • Fast & Secure Data
    Backup / Restore to PC

    MoboRobo Backup and Restore is a quick, easy and secure way to back up important contact or files on your Android / iPhone to your PC. You can create backup for your phone contacts, messages, call logs, images, files, or even App data. Backing up App data means your game progress will remain safe when you restore you app with data.This makes it a good PC suite for android.

    Note: Root access is recommended while backing up and restoring App+App data. You can find more about root and root access by reading this article on  What is rooting – Why Should I root my Phone?
  • Multi-media File Management – Access to Music, Images & Videos

    Moborobo have various tabs for easy file management such as the music, images and videos tab. Giving users faster and more convenient access to their media files, along with the drag and drop function to offer users easier management of their files.This makes it a good PC suite for android.

  • Send & Reply SMS from PC Desktop

    Still find it too slow to send SMS messages through your phone with qwerty layout. Moborobo gives you the ability to send and reply SMS messages through your computer, no matter whether it’s to a single person or a group of friends it’s quick and easy.This makes it a good PC suite for android.

More Cool Features

  • All-in-one Android Manager / iOS Manager. Manage Your Android & iPhone through PC.
  • Live streaming & Screenshot Capture.
  • Powerful Data Manager – Access to Contacts List, Messages & Call Logs.
  • Fast & Secure Data Backup / Restore.
  • Full Functional App Manager – Download, Install, Remove & Update Apps.




Download Links: Link, Official Web Site



Undoubtedly the second choice when it comes to PC suite for android, MoboGenie borrows all the features of MoboRobo but has the following advantages:

  • Cleaner UI

  • Faster USB Charging

  • Easier to use

  • Phone App is much better than MoboRobo
  • More number of apps than MoboMarket

Mobogenie PC Suite for Android

But MoboRobo allows to take backups with app data, a feature which is known to have issues with mobogenie, also, Moboobo is Much lighter in terms of system requirements.

Download Links: Link



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