Oppo Find 7 – Worlds first phone with a qHD resolution launched

After launching the famous Oppo N1 with a revolutionary rotating 13MP camera and Oppo Find 5 with the world’s first 1080p FullHD screen, Oppo launched the Oppo Find 7, but not before months of teasing us with various hints about the handset :P.

Oppo has now officially taken the wraps off the Find 7 at a special event in Beijing. There are plenty of things to love about Oppo\’s latest flagship, but seven features in particular stand above the rest.

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Without further ado, let\’s jump in and take a look at the Oppo Find 7\’s top seven dazzling features:

Oppo Find 7 – Monster of a display!

Oppo Find 7's 5.5 inch qHD screen

Oppo Find 7’s 5.5 inch qHD screen



Oppo Find seven wet screen

Oppo Find seven wet screen

The Oppo Find 7 is the first device to squeeze such a high resolution display into a 5.5-inch screen. As a result, the Find 7 offers an extremely impressive 538ppi, beating out any other device currently on the market.

In addition to its impressive 2560×1440 resolution, the Find 7 display also features gapless screen technology and a TOL (Touch On Lens) module. For those that aren\’t aware, a TOL module only uses one glass sheet and has ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film directly attached on the protective glass layer, the end result is a thinner, lighter and more durable module.

The Oppo Find 7\’s display also has the advantage of working even if used with wet or gloved hands.

Ultra-fast charging capabilities


In addition to a sizeable 3000 mAh battery (or 2800 mAh for 1080p variant), the Oppo Find 7 features Voltage Opened loop and multi-step constant current Charging (VOOC) technology. Technical terms aside, this basically means that the handset provides best-in-class fast charging capabilities.

How fast are we talking about exactly? The Oppo Find 7 is capable of going from a 0% to 75% charge in just 30 minutes, with just a 5 minute charge providing a whole 2 hours of talk time.

Skyline notification light


A notification light might not seem like something you\’d consider as a “top feature”, but the Skyline light could change your mind. The Oppo Find 7\’s light uses a LGF light guide film that allows the handset to produce a cascade of glowing light.

You really need to see it in person or look at the light in a video in order to really get a feel for exactly how the Skyline stands out, but basically the light\’s shine goes from the middle of the area and permeates in a curve throughout the bottom of the phone.



Just like the Oppo N1, the Oppo Find 7 puts a great deal of focus into bringing us a solid camera experience. The Oppo Find 7 might not offer the rotating functionality seen in the the N1, but the Find 7 does offer a 13MP shooter with the latest Sony EXMOR IMX 214 sensor.

Although the camera app is largely unchanged from the Oppo N1, the Oppo Find 7 does offer 4K recording @ 30fps, 32 second low light photography, a GIF maker, and a new 50MP “Super Zoom” feature.

Super Zoom basically works by allowing the Find 7\’s camera to take ten photos at the backend with just the press of a button. The Find 7 will then automatically combine these photos into a high quality 50MP image.

Expandable storage


With many Android flagships ditching SD card support these days, its refreshing to see that Oppo is actually making a change in the opposite direction. While the Oppo Find 5 and Oppo N1 both lacked microSD support, Oppo seems to have finally realized that many consumers do in fact want expandable storage.



Yet another first for Oppo, the Find 7 offers support for LTE in several regional versions of its handset. For the international model, FDD-LTE is supported on Bands B1/3/7/20 and TD-LTE on Band B40. In Mexico and the U.S., FDD-LTE is supported on Bands B1/4/17.

In the past, lack of LTE support has really only been a major point of contention in the United States, but as LTE continues to spread its reach globally, LTE support has quickly become a must have feature.

Build Quality


High-end build quality has long been a priority for Oppo, especially when it comes to the Find series. Rest assured, the Find 7 is no exception. The aesthetics of the Find 7 are quite similar to its predecessor, providing an attractive build with steel elements.

The back of the handset is either carbon fiber if you have the QHD model, or a brushed metal design if you have the 1080p variant.


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