Recharge unlimited phone numbers with Rs. 50 for free with LINE – Hurry, won’t last long

Update: The 50Rs free recharge scheme has been discontinued by LINE. Instead, a new scheme has been started by LINE providing free recharge worth Rs 111!!!
Update: The 50Rs free recharge scheme has been discontinued by LINE. Instead, two new schemes have been started by LINE providing free recharge worth Rs 130!!! and a free recharge of Rs 300 via friend converter


freeIn an attempt to woo Indian customer’s into installing their app, LINE introduced a new offer yesterday giving free recharge of Rs 50 to its Indian users. The offer however is not valid on Windows devices as claimed by the company. So without wasting any more of your time, let’s begin with how to get Rs 50 recharge using the LINE app, but before jumping into that have a look at the restrictions.
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hot to get Rs50 FREE RECHAGE usning LINE app

hot to get Rs50 FREE RECHAGE usning LINE app

Free Rs 50 Recharge using LINE | Restrictions

  • A single phone number can be recharged only once.
  • At times Tata Docomo recharges have worked but sometimes there’s an issue. We have had no luck in finding the solution.
  • The terms screen shows that this offer won’t work on Windows Phones. Though the only thing we’ve tried  is on an Android phone.
  • If you don’t have an Android device, install Bluestacks and install Line apk on your pc. It should work perfectly fine.
  • This scheme is meant to run from 24th April to 6th April 2014, I doubt it will last this long given this loophole resulting into

Free Rs 50 Recharge using LINE | The Catch

NONE! At least none that we could found. Let us know in the comments section if you find one.


Free Rs 50 Recharge using LINE | The Procedure

  • Download the Line application from Play Store, in case you don’t have it already.
  • Once installed, launch the app. Click the New Users button and enter your phone number in the next screen.
  • If the phone number you have entered is the one you currently have in the phone in which you have installed the app, it will automatically verify the number.
    Else, that sim will receive a 4 digit verification code which you need to enter in the next screen.
  • Once your phone number is verified, a registration screen will open up asking you to set up your email address and password for that account. E-mail registration is optional and not in any way required for this scheme
  • Now, Line’s main messaging screen should open up showing you the friends you currently have on Line. If you don’t have at least 5 friends in your contacts list on Line,go to the More tab and add some strangers (or hell, even the official accounts).
  • In most cases, a popup kinda thing should open up notifying you of the ongoing Rs. 50 recharge offer. Either download the “Line Characters in Love” sticker pack from there or do it manually. Manual method requires you to go to the More tab, jump to the Free section of stickers and the “Line Characters in Love” sticker pack should be there at the top. Download it.
  • Once downloaded, go back to the screen where your friends on Line are shown. Send any one of the stickers from the sticker set you just downloaded to 5 of your friends. You are free to send the same sticker to 5 of your friends or use different one each times.
  • As soon as you send the fifth message, within few seconds, a message from Line should appear congratulating you with a link to recharge. In worst cases, it took the message five minutes to arrive. So, being a bit patient won’t hurt.
  • Tap the link that comes gift-wrapped with the message from Line. Open it in any of your favorite browsers – except Opera Mini.
  • Enter the Phone Number and Network Operator of the sim you want to recharge and hit Submit. A congratulatory message should appear now. Even if you see a Sorry message, chances are your recharge might still have gone through. So, check your sim if the recharge has successfully happened.
  • If it has, take a breath and head over to recharging the next number. Else, hit the back button and try some other number.
  • Once you have recharged a number, the account we just created for that number doesn’t matter for us. Now, we need to have the Line app freshly installed. One obvious method would be to uninstall and reinstall the app. A much quicker one, the no-brainer trick, is to jump to the Application Settings for Line on your phone and wipe its data. Doing this can vary depending on Android versions. Either it is in Settings > Applications > Manage Applications or directly in Settings > Applications. Find the Line listing there and click it. Then press the Clear Data (or Wipe Data or any similar option that you can get hold of) button.
    Clear data of the LINE app to get the rs 50 fee recharge again and again!!

    Clear data of the LINE app to get the Rs 50 free recharge again and again!!

    Launch the Line app now and get back to step 1. Repeat this procedure as many times as you like, there is no one stopping you. Hell, recharge your relatives and neighbours and long foregone friends, impress a girl with this maybe? 😉  Tell us if it worked for you in the comments section below 😛

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