Import Bluestacks Contacts from any phone

Hi! Before reading this post you should be familiar with Bluestacks. I recommend readin this article How to run whatsapp on PC. So you’ve installed bluestacks, most probably for using messengers such as WhatsApp. Everything is great right?

Well not  everything. You are still short of bluestacks contacts. Whom will you message anyway if you don’t have bluestacks contacts!! :D.

Well don’t worry , this problem can be taken care of by just following these

Simple steps to import your bluestacks contacts :

Method 1: (If you have your contacts on google account or an android device)

This is one of the simplest way to import bluestacks contacts but its a tricky one! 😛

1. Sign in to your google account and open contacts.

2. Go to more > Export Contacts

bluestacks contact import


3. Select the format as vCard and click Export
bluestacks contacts import


4. contacts.vcf will be downloaded.

Now the idea is to download this contacts.vcf into bluestacks app player. This can be done easily by mailing this contacts.vcf file to your google account using gmail.


5. Once done, you can now download the contacts.vcf file from your email to the root of your bluestacks.

6.Then open bluestacks and go to settings > manage contacts

7. click on options > import/Export > Import from SD card

8. Select contacts.vcf and you’re good to go!


bluestacks contacts import


bluestacks contacts import


bluestacks contacts import


bluestacks contacts import





Method 2: (If you have your bluestacks contacts on any other phone)

1. Export all the contacts in as vCards (.vcf format)

2. Follow from step 5 of the above mentioned method



Was it hard? Were you able to import bluestacks contacts? Were the instructions unclear? Know another method? Have an opinion? Or just love to comment! 😛

In any case, don’t forget to give your feedback below!!!


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