How to Hack Real Steel World Robot Boxing Game using hack tool – no survey

Looking for how to hack Real Steel WRB – World Robot Boxing Game using Hack tool without the fuss of the meaningless surveys? You’ve come to the right place! 😉

Real steel wrb hack no survey tool

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a one on one Robot Fighting game based on the Hugh Jackman thriller Real Steel (2011). The game is praised for its graphics and intense action. So here’s all what you  need to know about how to hack Real Steel WRB, but before we start off, Let’s look at the prerequisites:

Real Steel WRB Hack and Cheats – No survey | Prerequisites

  • A rooted android phone. If you don’t know what rooting is, refer to this post right here.
  • An android hacking tool such as GameCIH , Game Guardian, or Game Killer. We’ll be using Game Killer in this post as it is the easiest to use. You can do the same with GameCIH or Game Guardian by doing  a fussy search. However, try sticking to Game Killer, it’s the easiest one 😛

Real steel wrb hack no survey tool

Real Steel WRB Hack and Cheats – No survey | How to Hack the game

  • Open up Game Killer and minimise it, don’t kill it. If it prompts for root access, allow it. You should be able to see a ‘Key’ icon on your screen.
  • Now open up the game – Real Steel World Robot Boxing.
  • Note down the current value of the item which you want to update. We’ll be changing the much-sought-after Gold in this tutorial 😛
  • Now touch that ‘Key icon’, which should launch the Gamekiller window on top of Real Steel World Robot Boxing. Select the Game if it’s not already selected.
  • In the text box, type the amount of Gold you have (in our case its 273). Hit the Search button and select “Auto Identify”. Wait for a few seconds, this takes time 😛
  • You will get over thousands of results. Don’t panic :P, press the back button and change the value of your Gold by either earning some more or by spending some.
  • Now open Gamekiller again by touching the ‘Key Icon’ and in the search box enter the new value of your Gold. Keep repeating this until you have just a handful of results.
  • After that, click on Options > Data Control > Modify All Values
  • Choose the desired value of Gold

That’s it! You’re done 😀

Enjoy Unlimited energy cores, unlimited coins, unlimited money, unlock all your favourite robots, play as Zeus or Atom, do what you feel like 😛

Real Steel WRB Hack and Cheats – No survey | Video Tutorial

Hope you found this guide to hack Real Steel WRB – World Robot Boxing useful. If it didn’t work for you, don’t worry, there are still other ways to go about it. Just leave a comment below.

Would you like to know hacks about any other game? Tell us! 😛

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15 Responses

  1. Success says:

    Tis not working………don’t understand from where I have to change the value of my Gold

  2. randy says:

    ty its really help , and iwant to hack Eternity Warrior 2 (glu coins) of course

  3. Verain says:

    My coins revert back to original as soon as i do it

  4. Give me hack iruna online. i will give 5 star says:

    Can’t hack online games. Boring… -.- (ex. Iruna online, Clash of clans, and Dark avenger)

  5. surya says:

    After I do so it shows the gold coins I want for a second then it srmtrats conuting down backwards till it reaches my original value. .. wht should I do

  6. Chris says:

    Game killer wont stop closing and opening back up randomly

  7. gege says:

    Game killer is a teast!
    She giveth then she taketh away!

    In fifa 14 & 15 you get the coins
    but try buying anything.
    it shuts down and reverts to previous
    Been at this for ages, can anyone solve?
    If i sort it you will see too.
    meanwhile ea sports customer service for
    android when you loose points coins players etc is doo doo!
    So Gamekiller dont rub salt into my wounds!

  8. gege says:

    Surya im with you on this too!

  9. gay says:

    Can’t download this fucing gamekiller because of the safe page!

  10. ERINALDO says:


  11. haseeb says:

    gamekiller is not working at all … so plz dont bother downloading it
    just like surya said ” After I do so it shows the gold coins I want for a second then it srmtrats conuting down backwards till it reaches my original value. .. ”
    ( though i think there is some spell mistakes :P) its the same case for all of us ….
    i guess the reason is it is no more an offline game everytime we open it , it checks for online update.
    i think it is the reanalysing of our progress. or the main progress file is a formula that is calculated everytime we use the coins.
    so u cant hack it with changing the values.
    however there are lots of videos on the youtube that shows for a ” REAL STEEL HACKING TOOL ” like somethig but i spend 3 days of surfing on the internet cant find anything like that all i had is a locked .RAR file that cant be breaked n unmeasurable fu**ing surveys and a lots of broken links . not even a single link that can help me.
    its producers are FU**ING RELIACE GAMES . as you all know they are motherfu**ing indians that wont leave any loopholes for free users like us. AS their asses get ripped off by the thought if anyone can take their work for free… plus their are lots of fu**ing fake websites made by co*ksuc*ers who wants my Di** in their as*hole so they surevey for if their pus*y can bear the size of my Di*k
    so i guess only thing that may help is if we dont sign in for facebook and google gameplay. and if we try for a gamekiller like app on the very first start of the game after a fresh installation might help us all.
    or maybe as i said it is no more offline game so maybe an previous version of this game might work for all of us and i am still looking for a hack tool like software i guess if i get anything like that i will update the link in the comments in every possible site i got.

  12. abhinav says:

    I als have same problem my coins revert back

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