The best Android Hacking Tool – GameCIH vs Game Guardian vs Game Killer – Review, Tutorial and Download

We have three apps for hacking into other android apps right now. They are GameCIH , Game Guardian, and Game Killer. These apps are used as Android hacking tools. What they do is that they change a stored value, say  the number of coins scored in a game.

These apps also let you to change the speed of the game. So you can fast forward intros or use some extra time in fast paced games 😉

NOTE : These apps require that your phone is rooted. If you don’t know what rooting is, we recommend you refer to this article before proceeding further.

So a quick review of the three hacking apps with their pros and cons and of course, download links! 😛


(scroll to the end for download links)


The original android hacking tool, oldest of the three. Simple to use and does the job precisely.

What’s good

  • In some games, such as Defender II, searches can be made quickly by searching for text fields like “Gold”. This makes it easier and faster to hack the game

What’s bad

  • Doesn’t work with all games
  • Limited Functions



Game Guardian

This app came much after GameCIH. It features a better UI and more functions than GameCIH. Consider is as an improvement of GameCIH.

What’s Good

  • More Feature
  • Better UI
  • Works with almost all games that can be hacked

What’s Bad

Its more complicated to use.


Nothing special required here, same as GameCIH 😛


Game Killer

The latest hacking tool out of the three, lacks in terms of  UI, but has the ability to perform a specific search for a changed value rather than a fussy search. This makes this app  drastically faster to use and reduces the Hit-and-Trial element of Game hacking by quite an extent.

What’s Good

  • Can perform multiple searches simultaneously
  • Can change multiple values at once

What’s Bad

Nothing yet, we love it!!


Go through this article and watch the video at the end.


The best Android Hacking Tool – GameCIH vs Game Guardian vs Game Killer |  Download Links

The best Android Hacking Tool – GameCIH vs Game Guardian vs Game Killer | The Verdict

We liked Game Killer for its amazing features, though it lacks on the UI front.


But that’s what we feel. Tell us if you agree or if you know about a hacking tool that isn’t mentioned here.

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63 Responses

  1. J says:

    i used game killer it cannot find a value like 1 or 100 or even higher …

  2. Bergkaizer says:

    @J, Try to tell what Game you are playing, and maybe we can help you on what you’re doing wrong.

    It wont hurt you by reading some faq first or tuts.

    And for Values like 1-100, GK does it all. I even love the “View Memory” feature the easiest way to hack.

  3. mr f says:

    Does it work on clash of clans

  4. abadon quiin says:

    hi! i am using Game Killer and im trying to hack MoM (Mother of Myth), does this cheat works on online gaming? cuz it doesnt work on this game

  5. sainayan says:

    Game killer is not working for my rooted s2 android 4.4 kitkat version I cannot change values it searches for first time and then when edited gets edited but in game there is no change what to do game is candy crush saga latest updated version

  6. Victor says:

    help can’t hack shadow fighters 2 with game killer help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. haidaroo says:

    Im trying to hacking line games like cookierun and getrich etc…i have tried all of it but i think it isn’t working. Am i missing something ? Or it cant be hacked ? Please help me 🙁

    If someone here can help me please contact me via e-mail :

  8. Robert says:

    Will game killer hack a game on Android called ace fishing wild catch!!

  9. Please cheat game titan empires..
    Because I try it and not work..

  10. derek says:

    cant find gold on game of war

  11. savidu says:

    Game doesn’t work on clash of clans
    When I use game killer on clash of clash they say and error occured

  12. Usman says:

    I have tried it on Hay Day.. Coins and Diamonds increased at my desired level but after 1 or 2 min or if i purchase something game reconnect and all values become as previous.. I lost my 18 Diamonds in trying trying and trying.. Can you tell me if it works on Hay day or not. And give me actual Game Killer APK file here.. Thx

  13. Usman says:

    Also i need to tell i used Game Killer on Temple Run and Lane Splitter. m Worked perfectly on both games even I connected to Face book also.. Please help me out

  14. Fatlum says:

    Game Killer is not working on castle clash.I tried and I changed the value of gold but I can’t buy anything with them.After I buy something cheap the value become as previous.what should I do?

  15. YungLeetHax0r says:

    Easier way to find numbers like health in gta 3 anybody??? Also full of game killer?

  16. ishaan says:

    The game killer don’t download this this is only trial version to bring update this this cause charge of $1.98

  17. He ge says:

    Game killer paid for twice $1.98. Also still not registered.
    Used paypal so will look into as something is not right here. There must
    be many people loosing small amounts of cash, someone somewhere us gaining!
    Many people are posting that you get free coins, points etc….,
    please show me a real time post of someone actually spending points or coins.
    It seems the they revert to previous amount when you attempt to use then.

  18. Michael says:

    Hey I’m trying to hack hay d6 but it didn’t work HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tino Bozy says:

    someone can tell me if any of this progs work in the game called battle camp?

  20. Scott says:

    Can game killer hack be used on kill shot? I followed the tutorials on how to use it but i can’t get it to work.

  21. Scott says:

    I am trying to hack money and gold on kill shot using game killer but no success. I dont get any errors but my values dont change. Any thoughts?

    • roushan says:

      I also tried but not possible. Try to use kill shot hack tool if u cud do the survey shit coz its not available in my country. If u cud den i will gibe u my username. With that tool hack my kill shot account too.

  22. Travis says:

    @scott . I have only been able to speed up time and get energy bars back.

  23. Nishant says:

    Game killer doesn’t work with turbo, zombie call:trigger shooter etc games. Moreover, candy crush soda will show 50 moves but in reality it hqs only 20 moves

  24. arun mor says:

    Can u tell me how to hack medlas in bia3

  25. Iyer says:

    how to hack gold coins in RR3? I am trying to buy a car for say 790Gold in RR3 and GK does not do it 🙁

  26. kingsley says:

    I’ve tried using game killer on six guns but it seems not to work. Pls give me the directions on how to carry out this operation

  27. tushar says:

    I am trying game killer on ZOMBIE CLASH I have no idea how does it works pls help

  28. sidali says:

    Help me i tryed to hack King’s empire with so many hack tools but iy doesnt work.i used game killer.freedom.lucky patsher and even game CIH, but nothing.please help me and advice me, what can i do???

  29. MountaindDewd says:

    SB game hacker is the best, you can even speed up or slow Down time with it

  30. shivam says:

    can any one send game killer link

  31. Sam Miller says:

    Any ideas to hack marvel contest of champions?

  32. gaurav says:

    I am download this hack but there are many root problem if i open this now what i do

  33. gaurav says:

    And i am download many root user lr super su but they not work

  34. Dubbathony says:

    Game guardian. Allways.
    Gamecich worked on my old phones (4x hd, htc vision, samsung spica) but never on my new ones (sgs3, sony z2)
    gamekiller works strangly… Somtimes works and sometimes not.

  35. Carsten says:

    Anyone knows a game Hacker that works on Android 5?

  36. Game killer and game cih is best.
    Game hacker and sb game hacker is best.
    Xmod games is best but only moded.

  37. M says:

    is it possible to hack Iron Force tank shooting game on Android using any of these apps? Thanks

  38. nikunj says:

    After hacking hay day coin & dimond with GK it works but coin and dimond both comes to it regular amount while visiting other farm what ro do?
    You can rwplay me to

  39. roushan says:

    How to hack kill shot with any of these? If it cant den can u recommend any apps dat can? Plz.


  41. Adeel says:

    does anyone know cheat or hack for Pirate kings ?

  42. any hack for clash of kings ?its an online game played on android…plz tell me if you have any

  43. Game killer is the only value editor which works on lollipop for now!

  44. jorge says:

    Anyone knows if we can hack DEMON DEFENCE for android just need the gems , please help

  45. chinmaya singh says:

    I like game killer it hackes all games

  46. Gowtham says:

    how to hack dead target.. i can use game killer, sb game hacker.. and lucky all doesn’t work it ? plz tell me.. how to hack that game

  47. nazira says:

    i use game killer for my hay day and 8ball pool, i have a billion coins but after a few min it come back as usual. its not work. anyone can help?

  48. melvin says:

    I tried to use freedom on shadow fight2. But it doesint work but on my old Don the freedom works perfectly , I searched in the internet for the reasons they said its bcz in the latest version of playstore doesn’t support it so I had to uninstall the updates and after that I tried again still it dint work pls I need help cuz I really want to hack it cuz I have lost my progress so I want to to hack .

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