Free Recharge Tricks – Websites and Apps to get FREE Recharge

Caution: There are many fraud websites claiming to recharge your mobile for free. We’ve made sure that the ones listed here are genuine by testing them ourselves first.
Update: mCent App is now giving Rs 5 Rs 70 Rs 30 for each referral!! Click here to download.

free recharge websites and apps allpicationsHi there! Looking for a way to get your prepaid mobile recharged for free? You’ve come to the right place 😛 Today, we’re going to tell you about some websites and apps that provide free recharge. These are some good options to relax your wallet a bit if you can spare a few minutes for registering on some websites, playing some quizzes, downloading some free apps,reading e-mails or heck..even sending text SMSs to your dear ones 😛 And of course referrals. They’re always there 😛

So let’s start with some websites first that offer free recharge.

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Free Recharge Tricks | Websites to get FREE Recharge


Amulyam free recharge

We start with the oldest and the most trusted one (not that others don’t get the work done though 😛 ). Amulyam was started in 2012 and has been rolling on since. Amulyam has delivered more than Rs.1 crore of free mobile recharges already. Rs.10 is the minimum free recharge amount that supports for all Indian mobile operators.

5 Simple Tips to Get Rs.10 Free Recharge Quickly:

  • Login daily and get upto 25 paise daily.
  • Play Trivia Game and participate in Build Your Vocabulary to get Rs.1 daily.
  • Participate in Special Offers that gives free money credits instantly.
  • Play Contests and win up to Rs.10 free recharge.
  • Invite your friends to amulyam and when they join, get Rs.1 for each registration.

Looking for more than Rs.10 free recharge?

  • Buy flight tickets or books or electronics..etc through our merchant partners.
  • Create Contests or Upload funny pics.
  • Read Bonus Mails that you receive on your amulyam registered mail id.
  • Redeem Coupons and get free recharge in addition to discount.

Click here to signup on Amulyam and earn bonus talktime for signing up from this link.



 Laaptu free recharge

A similar alternative to Amulyam, Laaptu also offers free recharge and talk-time by quizzes and referrals.

Click here to signup on Laaptu and earn bonus talktime for signing up from this link



Ultoo free recharge.png

A similar alternative to Amulyam, ULtOO also offers free recharge and talk-time by quizzes and referrals.

Click here to signup on Laaptu and earn bonus talktime for signing up from this link.


Free Recharge Tricks | Apps to get FREE Recharge

Just like the websites listed above, these apps let you get free recharge from your phone itself.

1. mCent

The best app for getting free recharges. mCent  pays more than anyone else in the competition (upto Rs 12 for a single app download!!). If you only want to have one app for getting free recharges, make sure its mCent. You’d also get Rs 20 for every person you refer.

Update: mCent is now giving Rs 50 Rs 70 Rs 30 for each person you refer!!!

Click here to get the mCent app.


Click here to get the mCent app.

2. Amulyam

amulyam free recharge app

The official app of Makes it easier to get free recharge from your phone using the same Amulyam id.

Click here to download Amulyam app from the playstore.


3. Paisa Swipe

Change your mobile’s lock screen into a powerful talk-time generating tool! Don’t believe it? Its simple. Just install the app from Play Store, fill in your details, register and lock your device. Yea that’s it! 😛

Paisa Swipe will show you ads when you try to unlock your device. and you get paid 10 paisa for every time you swipe to unlock your mobile. Minimum payout is Rs 50 and rewards are not just limited to free recharges. PaisaSwipe also has a direct payout option using a PayPal account.

Click here to signup on Paisa Swipe and earn bonus talktime for signing upfrom this link.


4. MADlock

A similar app to Paisa Swipe. It offers more recharges.

  1. Download MADlock from Play Store By CLICKING HERE
  2. Open the MADlock App and click on sign up.
  3. Enter your name, email, password, gender, birth date, mobile number, pin code
  4. Enter referral code as 375VQK ( using this code you will get 20 rupees bonus )




There are many more apps like these – Mcent, MyScreen to name a few. You can download them from the Play Store for  Android smartphones.

Did we miss something? Know something even better? Did something not work for you? Please leave you feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, please click on this link to join LINE and you will get FREE talktime worth Rs 130.

  2. Abhishek says:

    Ultoo,Way2Sms and MCent is still giving Rs.10 free recharge….

  3. must try it provide highest free recharge like :
    – 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt
    – 3 paisa for each True false question you attempt
    – 2 paisa for each sms you send
    – 1 paisa for each poll you attempt
    – You may earn upto Rs 5 for each refferal minimum Rs.1 you attempt

    and much more

  4. Rahul says:

    Sign up and get free recharge rs 50 in 30 second and download and earn more

  5. It really nice article and thank you for sharing admin and one nice thing , I get Rs 500/- recharge from your a valuable article.its really nice.I am impressed

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