Facebook Dislike Button Launched!!

Yes its true, Facebook Dislike Button has been launched! While this might not be news for a few, Facebook has finally answered to the call of the masses – The social networking giant launched the much anticipated dislike button.

Facebook dislike button launched

Facebook has updated its Messenger app to include a ‘dislike’ button.

While there have been countless trolls on Facebook  itself craving for a ‘dislike’ button, this move has been widely appreciated by a majority of facebook users. Facebook has updated its Messenger app that includes a ‘dislike’ button.

Facebook Dislike Button – The ‘Catch’

Despite the fact that most of the ‘facebookers’ are welcoming this move, however, the ‘dislike’ option is only available on the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook Messenger, Fox News reports. The dislike button is not available for the newsfeed and cannot be used in statuses and other posts. Yup that’s it! A Facebook dislike button only for messenger and that too useless for the newsfeeds and status – things people find the most annoying 😛 While people are not content with this, it is being seen as a change in trend. This is not the first time that Facebook has responded to the growing demands.

How to get the Facebook Dislike Button

To get the Facebook dislike button, users will have to download the new sticker pack.  In order to access the new sticker pack, users will have to download it from the Sticker Store inside the Messenger app. While a “like” sticker was already available on Facebook Messenger, the new set of finger stickers was added only now, after having been created during a hackaton that took place this fall. Facebook is said to be mulling launching a ‘sympathize’ button. For more news on the dislike button, click here.   What are your views on the new Facebook dislike button? Love it/hate it? Any comments are welcome in the section below.

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